In the last 20 years, using photography as a medium, I have documented abandoned historic homes and buildings in Detroit. I am interested in showing the transition of the city to its present state. At the same time, my studio practice has been painting still lifes, cityscapes, landscapes and dresses that hold memories of the women who wore them.

Joyce Carol Oates wrote: “for what passes so swiftly and irrevocably into what was, no human claim can be of the least significance.”

I want my paintings to evoke the poignance of memory and the transitoriness of all things. The painting becomes a silent record of moments and feelings past. Each dress and building tell a a story.

I am interested in telling my own story in terms of a relationship with the city of Detroit. In 1968 I was transplanted from Colorado to Detroit. Over time I became committed to the city and the cultural treasures it offered. In 1991 I graduated from Wayne State University with an MFA in painting. I’ve been working from my midtown studio ever since. For more that 20 years I was an adjunct Professor of Art at Wayne State University and the College of Creative Studies.

I have always worked steadily in my studio and exhibited my work. I’ve painted countless portraits, still lifes, cityscapes and landscapes. More recently I have been working on a series of figure height paintings of dresses, each one telling a different story.

Today I am very interested in integrating the historically evocative dress paintings with the environments surrounding my studio in the heart of Detroit. By connecting such starkly different subjects, I express my personal connection to the city and its rich history.

Found in Detroit


Still Lifes & Dresses